Company: Bespoke sensor technology Worldwide.

About us

EPHYMESS has been providing bespoke industrial measuring and sensor technology of the highest quality for more than 70 years. Our precise production and the impressive individual solutions we develop for our customers have made us one of Germany’s leading companies in the field. With engineering skill and a lively spirit of innovation, we confirm this again and again, every day – not just in Germany, but worldwide, with an export share of more than 45 percent and sales markets in 42 countries.

Yet through all this, we always remain grounded. We are family company that calls the Wiesbaden area home. And we want to stay that way. After all, it means we take responsibility: for our surroundings and environment, for our staff, for our products and the work we do every day. And we are happy to do so. Over the last 67 years, today, and in the future.

Customer-oriented, individual, fast

How can we help you? We might not deliver everything, but we deliver our technological precision equipment exactly as you need it. Be it wind energy, rail technology or the journey to Industry 4.0, we adapt our products individually to our customers’ needs. In doing so, we are patient advisors and work with you to find precisely the right solution – including for your products and applications.

As flexible as we are, we always produce with precision and care, based on high-quality raw and precursor materials. We achieve this by working with proven suppliers and in well-practised processes. And needless to say, we deliver on time, when you want – always remaining flexible in a fast-accelerating world. You can trust us.

Where it matters, is EPHYMESS.

Risk control is not a foreign concept to us. As a strong link in many a global supply chain, we offer one thing above all else: absolute reliability. Our products are as safe as our delivery is punctual. That is essential. After all, our quality-tested measuring sensors fulfil vital safety roles in conventional industrial sectors and in the future industries of the green economy. That is why our indicators and thermometers are found, for example, in almost all high-speed trains worldwide, in heavy-duty mechanical engineering, in air conditioning and refrigeration technology, in wind power plants and in dams. Everywhere that matters. Do you have them yet?

EPHYMESS. Bespoke sensor technology Worldwide.

Mission statement

Values are the measure of everything.

This is the principle that guides every business decision of the EPHYMESS Executive Board – a personal commitment by Claudia Becker, owner and sole shareholder, and Andreas Becker, Tobias Jennißen and Patricia Mohr (since 1 November 2022), Managing Directors.

Tradition and innovation.

In both business and our personal lives, our concept of man is rooted in the Christian belief that guides the ethics of our lives. This includes core values that shape the way we act towards our customers, staff, business partners and suppliers. Tradition and innovation are not a contradiction – they are driving forces that complement one another and keep our company moving on a sustainable path.

Tolerance, respect, honesty and integrity.

These are the pillars on which we have achieved our success step by step over half a century; the basis on which we will drive the company’s development dynamically and with good human judgement in the future, too. Both for the EPHYMESS Executive Board and for all staff, treating one another fairly is the way to implement these four value pillars every day. That is why it goes without saying that we respect personal rights, different cultures, religions and ethnicities, discriminate against neither women nor men, adhere to laws and promises, do not accept or give advantages to obtain orders, and adhere to data protection provisions.

Motivation and personal responsibility

are what make medium-sized businesses so unique. EPHYMESS also values these virtues highly. After all, taking responsibility and performing well is the only way to develop the enthusiasm it takes to invent, build and market high-tech products for the toughest challenges of the future. EPHYMESS sensors and measuring instruments monitor electrical drives and machines and fulfil essential functions in more than 40 countries all over the world: that is proof of the trust placed in us. We are aware that we have to earn the trust placed in our medium-sized family business every day – with the greatest of care in process control of all work processes and with risk and quality management that itself is subject to constant monitoring and improvement.

Responsibility across the generations.

If we measure our success on the successful synthesis of tradition and innovation, if we follow Christian values, a commitment to social issues is key to gaining and securing the future. EPHYMESS sees one of its central roles as a company as supporting the young talents in a targeted way. After all, any knowledge and skills that are not passed on – from generation to generation – are lost.

Companies are partners of society.

They benefit from existing infrastructure and enrich their communities – primarily by creating jobs. EPHYMESS also takes responsibility for society and commits to inter-company projects and charities in the region.

Looking back

Our history – continuity and renewal

  • 1955

    Qualified electrician and bank clerk Hermann Seibel and his wife Else, a qualified commercial assistant, found EPHYMESS GmbH in Wiesbaden. Supported by two staff, they first trade in measuring devices for industry, which they also repair.

  • 1960

    After moving premises, the company grows and, now with five more staff, begins to produce pressure gauges.

  • 1970

    EPHYMESS massively expands its range of products this decade, launching the production of temperature sensors such as slot resistance thermometers and PTC thermistors, used to monitor the temperature development in electrical motors. They are joined by measuring resistors and various thermistor designs. The company’s expansion leads to another move, to Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt.

  • 1982

    In light of technological developments, the Executive Board decides on a strategic realignment and stops producing pressure gauges. Instead, the company now concentrates on the production of contact temperature sensors.

  • 1986–87

    The company’s current leaders – spouses Claudia (owner) and Andreas Becker (Managing Director), daughter and son-in-law of the company founder, join the company.

  • 1990

    Display and analysis devices for temperature sensors are added to the range. EPHYMESS also begins the development of special temperature sensors (miniature technology) and complete sensor systems for rail transport, which are installed in InterCityExpress trains. Gradually, the number of staff rises to 14.

  • 1995

    EPHYMESS is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 for the first time. The company expands once again, moving to a larger rented site in Hofheim-Wallau.

  • 2000

    The globalisation that took off in the 1990s also opened up new markets for EPHYMESS. With the new millennium, the internationalisation of business activities gathers pace. South Korea and Japan come into view, closely followed by China, India, Australia, the USA, Brazil and various CIS states. The company adds flexible heating tapes for electrical machinery to its production range.

  • 2005

    Party to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary and planning of a new, company-owned production and administration building. EPHYMESS becomes established as a true Wiesbaden-based family-run SME.

  • 2007

    Move to the new company seat in Wiesbaden-Delkenheim. The family company now employs well over 100 people. At this point, the export share is over 25 percent. Start of planning for a second production building at the same site.

  • 2011

    Completion and occupation of the extended production building. Almost 170 staff now develop, produce and sell high-quality temperature sensors for an enormous range of sectors and measuring technology applications. Exports to 37 countries around the world make up an export quota of around 40 percent.

  • 2015

    A big birthday: 60 years of EPHYMESS is a reason to celebrate. A seven-year change process launches the transition to the third generation.

  • 2022

    A gentle brand and web relaunch is successfully completed with a live switch-on of the new website and presentation of the revised logo. EPHYMESS not only gains a new spelling and a new company logo for the first time since 1987, but also expands its Executive Board: with Tobias Jennißen and Patricia Mohr – son-in-law and daughter of the Beckers – joining the company on 22 February 2022 and 1 November 2022 respectively. EPHYMESS achieves turnover of almost EUR 13 million.

“Innovation and tradition are like the take-off leg and standing leg in sports. Together, they give us the energy we need to move forward.”

Managing Directors Andreas Becker and Tobias Jennißen 
combine innovation and tradition.