Oil level gauges

EPHYMESS produces robust and vibration-proof oil level gauges especially for transport technology. As well as the basic version with a viewing window for protected areas, level gauges with a two-chamber system are also produced. They are optimised for use in underfloor areas of rail vehicles and can even withstand stone chipping.

Technical information on oil level gauges

At a glance

  • Level and fluid gauge
  • Housing made from brass, steel or aluminium
  • Single-chamber system
  • Temperature range -30°C … +120°C
  • High-quality, temperature-resistant glass
  • With or without reflector
  • Markings as requested by customer
  • Customer-specific dimensions


  • Gears
  • Slide bearings
  • Brakes
  • Motors
  • Vessels


  • Drive technology
  • Rail technology
  • Plant construction
  • Oil and gas industry

Technical information on oil level gauges


Oil level gauges are used to observe the fill level and to detect operating situations. They enable quick, easy visual control and can also be used for other media, alongside systems filled with oil or with an oil flow. The optional reflector makes the level easy to read even in poor visibility. As well as the basic version with a viewing window, EPHYMESS also produces level gauges with a patented two-chamber system with impact protection. The oil level gauges guarantee absolute tightness and high resistance to every kind of oil and other media. Brass, stainless steel and aluminium housing is available, depending on the application.


The oil level of traction gears and other units with an oil flow have to be checked regularly. The oil level gauges therefore need to be easy to access and clean. Single-chamber oil level gauges are mainly used in protected areas. When used in traction motors, gears or wheelset bearings of rail vehicles, the level gauges are usually installed in exposed positions in the units and subjected to an increased risk from external mechanical influences such as stone chipping. EPHYMESS therefore produces extremely robust, tight and vibration-proof oil level gauges that are especially safeguarded against these influences. Brass housing is used as standard. Aluminium oil level gauges are a low-cost alternative and are ideal for applications where weight limits matter. Stainless steel oil level gauges are especially common in industrial applications thanks to their corrosion resistance and mechanical stability. All constructions are available with different threads.

Operating principle

The basic version has a sight glass that allows the oil level to be seen quickly and easily during servicing and maintenance. This is absolutely sufficient in protected areas. For additional protection, special Makrolon glass can be used. This combines the benefits of the single window with the robust properties of the two-chamber system. EPHYMESS’ patented two-chamber system for oil level gauges also has a stainless steel grid as impact protection.  If the out glass breaks due to impact, the stainless steel grid catches the projectile, so that the inner special glass remains intact and no gear oil can escape. The defective glass can be replaced quickly during a routine inspection, with no need to drain the oil. The special glass can withstand projectiles with a mass of 30 g and a speed of up to 50 m/s. The operating temperature is between -30°C … +120°C, with short peaks of up to 150°C (< 5 min). A reflector can be installed and markings applied on request. The two-chamber oil level gauges are also used in particularly tough industrial environments (e.g. mining). Installation tools are available as an option.