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Be it in construction, agriculture and forestry, mining or the extraction industry, continuous condition monitoring of key parameters such as temperature, pressure, incline, vibration or speed provides important information on the condition of drives and system components.

At a glance

Custom-fit condition monitoring

In condition monitoring, sensors continuously record operating and condition data on commercial vehicles and heavy machinery. They guarantee reliable operation and ensure that critical situations are detected in good time. The information gained in this way forms the basis for further steps, such as predictive maintenance.

Robust sensors record speed and temperature values

The temperature is a useful benchmark for the operating condition of motors, gears and bearings. A significant rise might be caused by wear or a lack of lubrication. Temperature sensors developed especially for the difficult conditions in heavy mechanical engineering record these anomalies and protect important components of the drive system against consequential damage. Monitoring the speed is relevant for the machine control and various safety functions. For this to be effective, the speed sensor needs to have a robust construction and deliver fast, highly accurate measuring results even under the most extreme environmental conditions. The sensors are connected to the system via a firmly integrated cable connection or, often, a plug connection. A plug connection reduces the maintenance required significantly, as the sensors can be disconnected from the system quickly and easily and replaced simply, with no need for complex rewiring.

Bespoke solutions for commercial vehicles and heavy machinery

Cranes, wheeled loaders, trucks, excavators, dump trucks, conveyor systems... the demands on the sensor technology used are as varied as the machines and systems themselves. In addition to the general need for a robust construction, many other criteria are also essential, depending on the application: specific constructions for high mechanical loads, different connection technologies for the sensor’s fluid tightness requirements, or individual screw-in housing and mounting flange for optimum integration of the sensor in the respective installation situation. That is why, as well as proven standard products, EPHYMESS specialises in supplying bespoke sensor technology solutions for individual customer requirements and applications.  

Ideal products for commercial vehicles and heavy machinery