Sensor technology solutions for: industrial applications

The high quality we offer, alongside many years of experience and references from around the globe, is one of the main reasons to use EPHYMESS products in a wide range of industrial applications.

At a glance

Diverse uses in industrial drive technology

The drive is the heart of many industrial applications. Due to their installation situation in the bearing, slot or winding head of electric drives, the sensors are installed in a protective housing such as a metal or ceramic sleeve or a hard fabric body, depending on the customer requirements. They are usually used as resistance thermometers – as a single or double element in 2, 3 or 4 wire circuits and feeds of any length.

Monitoring of critical components

EPHYMESS sensors monitor the operating temperature in a wide range of installation positions in electric motors, generators and transformers and are used, for example, for preventative maintenance of induction coils. They are also used in power plants to control the cooling water temperature or other critical components such as inductors, piping, thyristors and throttles.

Electrical machinery that works in explosive areas is particularly in need of monitoring by Ex-certified sensor systems. The fact that EPHYMESS sensor technology is supplied all over the world also demands numerous certifications of conformity.