Careers at EPHYMESS: How we treat each other defines us

Our values

Values are the measure of everything at EPHYMESS. Taking responsibility for one’s fellow humans and the environment, being there for one another, practising and demonstrating respect and tolerance towards others, being honest with oneself and others – these principles of ethical behaviour form the foundation of our collaboration. And because it is such a solid basis, it is not easy to shake us.

How we see ourselves

Working at EPHYMESS means being part of a team of motivated, well-educated colleagues on high-quality sensor solutions that are in demand all over the world. It means turning one’s standards of precision and quality into perfection every day and achieving new levels time and again. Feeling comfortable at work, having a chat in the hallway or talking to colleagues informally on Thirsty Thursday are all aspects that we see and love as part of our corporate culture. After all, in everything we do, we are and always will be a medium-sized, family company with strong roots in the region, yet delivering worldwide, with an eye for sustainability, long-term planning and continuity.

Our human resources policies reflect this, too. We are always interested in talented student workers, of course we regularly offer apprenticeships, and we are constantly looking for experienced colleagues for our team. Anyone who joins us can rest assured that it is very important to us that our staff feel at home and are able to develop in line with their own talents and ideas. After all, we want to keep them for a long time. Our trainee programme helps with that.

Are you in it for the long haul? EPHYMESS is the place for you.


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“A willingness to change and regular discussion with colleagues – that is how I would define successful work.”

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Oliver Baum, Work Preparation (AV) department