Sensor technology solutions for: Rail vehicles

Safety and reliability put high demands on rail technology and thus also on the sensor technology used in the trains. EPHYMESS has been listed as a sensor supplier for leading manufacturers of high-speed trains since 1991.

At a glance

Mobility, availability, environmental protection

In Germany alone, around 2.6 billion journeys were made by commuters, business travellers and holiday-makers on the rail network in 2019, the last year before the COVID-19 pandemic. The desire for greater mobility, fast availability, high comfort and efficient environmental protection is increasingly raising the significance of transport technology, and rail transport in particular.

EPHYMESS keeps trains running

The sensor technology needs to work absolutely reliably under different operating conditions – not just in high-speed trains but also in regional trains, multiple units, locomotives, underground trains, commuter trains, trams and hybrid buses. EPHYMESS temperature sensors, speed sensors and oil level gauges meet these requirements and have now proved themselves in internationally renowned trains around the world.

Highly successful with sensor technology for rail machinery

The strain of impacts and tough environmental conditions demands a special internal structure for the sensor elements in order to ensure the necessary availability of the signals. In this technologically demanding area in particular, EPHYMESS has developed sophisticated expertise and gathered valuable experience over many years.

Modular sensor concept, fast problem solving

Designed especially for rail vehicles, the modular system enables a wide range of sensor technology to be integrated into a sensor system quickly and at low cost. As well as the classic Pt100 temperature sensors, speed sensors are another component of the EPHYMESS sensor concept. The individual modules can be combined to form a fully assembled multi-arm wire harness.

Ideal products for the rail industry