Sensor technology solutions for: temperature sensors for the slots of electric machinery

In motors and drives, slots are used to fix, guide or sink the windings. The cross section of the slot may be a rectangle or a trapezium. Installing EPHYMESS slot resistance thermometers in the slot means that the winding temperature of electric motors or generators can be recorded in the best possible way on site.

At a glance

  • Protection against permanent thermal overload
  • Continuous temperature measurement
  • With platinum thin film measuring resistor for isolated measurement
  • With bifilar winding for median measurement across the active sensor length
  • Sensor housing can be adapted to the slot shape (trapezium construction)

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Am Beispiel eines Großprojektes in China wird deutlich, wie aktuell Messtechnik sein kann, wenn sie kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt und über 5 Jahrzehnte auf qualitativ hohem Niveau gefertigt wird. 

Lesen Sie hier, was EPHYMESS-Nutenthermometer bewirken können 

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