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Certified for the Chinese market

CCC certificate for the use of sensors on the Chinese market

China Compulsory Certification (CCC) is a certification system that applies in the People’s Republic of China. Introduced on the Chinese market on 1 May 2002, it applies to both imported and Chinese products.

Many of the CCC directives are based on foreign standards and therefore do not generally present higher technical hurdles than European directives, for example.

Once certification has been recognised, the CCC certificate is issued in English and Chinese and given to the manufacturer. This is then entered in the CQC database so that customs officials can see whether imported goods are certified.

Since March 2021, EPHYMESS has been able to supply sensors with the latest certificate for use on the Chinese market.

EPHYMESS: Hidden champion with tradition

We have been developing and producing individual sensor technology solutions for safety and control requirements for our customers for more than 65 years. In doing so, we see ourselves as a service-oriented provider whose reliable temperature measurement sensors protect our partners’ high-quality machines and plants. We thus not only support the classic mechanical engineering industry, but are also making a positive contribution to the global energy transition, with our sensors protecting wind and hydroelectric power plants and rail vehicles such as high-speed trains, fuel cell trains, metros and trams against failure worldwide.