Screw-in thermometer

Redundant temperature sensors


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Product properties

  • Double Pt100 designed redundant
  • 4 ... 20 mA current loop output
  • Additional signal output
  • Temperature range -40°C ... +110°C
  • With optional spring-mounted protective valve
  • No complex or expensive calibration processes necessary


The redundant temperature sensor has two measuring elements. The reference comparison between the two measuring resistors is automatic. The electronics integrated into the sensor head check it cyclically for functionality, interruption or short circuiting and, where a measuring element fails, switches to the other measuring resistor. Redundant measuring sensors are used, for example, to monitor the rotor main bearing and gears in wind power plants and, more generally, in hard-to-access installation positions and difficult-to-reach locations such as offshore wind farms. Sensors with redundant structures offer enhanced functional reliability while also saving system costs. The redundant sensor can usually be used without any changes to the construction in established installation positions.



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