Screw-in thermometer

Screw-in thermometer with connection heads as per DIN EN 50446


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Product properties

  • Connection heads of type A, B, MA, BUS, BUZ
  • Special implementations with measuring range up to +600°C
  • Optional protective pipe insulation with PTFE, elastomer and shrinking tube
  • Quick, easy installation using clamp screw connection
  • Thread sizes from M10 to G1”
  • Protective pipe diameter: 6, 8, 9 and 11 mm
  • Protection pipe lengths from 40 mm ... 1500 mm


Universal screw-in resistance thermometer for industrial applications and temperature measurement in solid or liquid media. In the chemicals industry and plant engineering, it is predominantly the large screw-in thermometers with DIN connection heads of form A or B that are used. These are produced in a wide range of versions e.g. with replaceable measuring insert for temperatures up to +400°C or with mineral-insulated protection pipes for operating temperatures up to +600°C. The spring-mounted versions of form B have also proved effective in the gears of wind power plants. The advantage of elastic temperature sensors lies in their continuous contact pressure and the associated stable thermal coupling with the measuring object.


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DIN connection heads form A / form B / BUS / BUZ

Screw-in resistance thermometer with connection heads of form B usually have a 3/4” thread. Instead of rigid installed measuring resistors, a replaceable measuring insert can also be installed. The cable connection port has a PG16 fitting as standard. Designed with suspension, the thermometer has a constant contact pressure and guarantees a stable thermal coupling. The spring-mounted stainless steel protection pipe has a diameter of 8 mm and offers a spring range of ≥ 15 mm; any length can be selected for the protective valve. An O-ring between the fitting and the immersion pipe ensures reliable sealing. The seal is resistant to temperatures up to +200°C and to oils, flame-resistant hydraulic liquids, aliphatic hydrocarbons and many chemicals.

DIN connection heads Form MA

The “little brother” of the B-head with an inner diameter of approx. 25 mm. The operating temperature range is -70°C ... +260°C. The sensor is designed with a rigid connected feed, clamp socket or replaceable measuring insert. Head transmitters and fixed or mobile fittings can also be installed as an option.



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