KTY sensors

Silicon sensor in slot housing


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Product properties

  • Sealed in epoxy intermediate slider housing (ZS)
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C … +195°C
  • Very stable design
  • For installation directly in the slots of electrical motors/generators
  • Can be adapted to almost any slot dimensions


KTY sensors are also suitable for installation in epoxy intermediate sliders. Using these carriers means that the sensors are to be placed in the slot of windings in a similar way to slot resistance thermometers.


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KTY sensors in carrier housing (AK)

The KTY sensors are installed in a laminate carrier housing that is electrically insulated using silicone casting and a shrinking tube over the top. This guarantees a pressure-relieved construction while still allowing mechanical flexibility in the blade area.

KTY sensor in intermediate slider (ZS)

The KTY sensors are installed in a laminate intermediate slider that is covered with epoxy casting and electrically insulated. To increase the voltage resistance, an additional Kapton foil or shrinking tube can be applied over the intermediate slider. This guarantees a pressure-relieved, rigid construction.



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