KTY sensors

Silicon sensor with ESD protection


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Product properties

  • Integrated surge protection
  • Prevention of potential ESD damage


As already stated in the general information on KTY sensors, these sensors are sensitive to electrostatic charges. The KTY sensor is pre-damaged by external voltage impulses, e.g. due to static charges. In practice, the functionality is not necessarily immediately impaired. In later field use (after a few months), however, the pre-damage can lead to a gradual failure or to incorrect resistance values. In the worst case, the result can be expensive system shutdowns and unnecessary additional costs.

When handling or processing standard KTY sensors, it is therefore essential to take appropriate precautions (employees with grounding straps, conductive floors or special, electrically conductive packaging materials).
When the KTY sensors with integrated surge protection developed by EPHYMESS are used, these protective measures are not necessary in production, handling and shipping.



Attestation of conformity

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