KTY sensors

Silicon sensor with shrinking tube insulation


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Product properties

  • Temperature range -40°C … +190°C
  • Monitoring the winding temperature
  • Suitable for temperature measurement and limit value monitoring
  • Available with patented ESD protective element


KTY silicon sensors with shrinking tube insulation are offered in various versions. The various constructions are designed for particular technical requirements. The sensor’s small dimensions and flexibility allow excellent thermal overload protection for electric machinery. The KTY-SIT special construction ensures safe operation in frequency-controlled motors and meets the standard requirements for safe electrical separation. 


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KTY-ESH / KTY-DSH with shrinking tube insulation

The sensor is electrically insulated by the application of single (ESH) or double (DSH) shrinking tube insulation made from Kynar®, Kynarflex® or Teflon®. The dielectric strength for the ESH version is 1.5 kV; this rises to 2.5 kV for the version with double shrinking tube insulation.

KTY-SIT with safe separation

For “safe separation” as per DIN EN 50178 and DIN EN 61800-5-1, the sensor must be safely electrically separated from the winding. A special sensor construction and various type tests, such as surge voltage testing, partial discharge measurement and testing the insulation voltage, can guarantee this. Multi-layered insulation over the sensor is positive for measuring the necessary insulation voltage, but disadvantageous for partial discharge. The clever construction of this sensors using suitable materials meets all the requirements and ensures safe operation.



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