12 NTC-Sensoren 1

Product properties

  • NTC sensors insulated with enamel or shrinking tube
  • Wired or firmly connected single wires, length = 380 mm or 2000 mm


NTC thermistors consist of manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc oxides, to which other oxides are often added for chemical stabilisation.

They are available as miniaturised, glass-encapsulated or enamelled constructions. Unlike for platinum sensors (e.g. Pt100), the characteristic curve of an NTC thermistor is no linear. As well as the tolerance of the resistance basic value, the tolerance of the characteristic curve gradient (known as the B value) must also be noted.

The advantage of NTC thermistors is that they wide range of constructions allows them to be tailored easily to constructive requirements. Using new miniature constructions, for example, NTC thermistors can be used at measuring points measuring just 1.5 mm across.

Because there is such a variety of possible versions and characteristic curves due to the aforementioned conditions, for economic reasons the use of am NTC thermistor is usually worth considering for series quantities of at least 55 pieces. EPHYMESS therefore asks customers to specify the technical requirements and required quantities for upcoming projects, in order to examine economic feasibility in each case.

We ask for the following information:

  • Operating temperature range
  • Basic resistance value at usually +25°C
  • Mechanical requirements for construction or size

 Based on this information, if required EPHYMESS can create a characteristic curve (R/T) in its own measuring laboratory, which the customer can then use to view the nominal resistance values in advance. For motor protection applications, for example the wired construction K227 with resistance values of predominantly 1.8 kΩ at 100°C is used; 10 kΩ at 100°C is also used as an alternative. Alongside the shrinking tube design with Teflon supply wires, further assembly variants in metal or ceramic sleeves are also available on request.

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