Hall effect with power supply

Speed sensor with line output on side

DWG 05

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26 DWG 05

Product properties

  • Operating temperature range -70°C to +125°C
  • Quick, easy installation using flange
  • Shock and vibration resistant as per DIN 61373 Cat. 3
  • No wear, no maintenance
  • Compact construction
  • Housing made from brass or stainless steel


Speed sensors measure rotational movements on involute or rectangular geared sensor wheels in 1 and 2 channel versions. They are available for cog wheel modules from 1.0 to 3.0. They have a max. switching frequency of 20,000 Hz, or 25,000 Hz in special implementations. The speed sensor is also suitable for zero speed. The DWG 05 construction has an angled 90° cable connection port. Various supply lines, cable protection options and connectors are available to choose, depending on the requirements.

DWG 05 with angled cable connection port

The DWG 05 has an angled 90° cable connection port with screened hose line.

DWG 05 with corrugated tube hose

The supply line can also be protected against adverse environmental influences with a corrugated tube hose. In this example, the cable connection port has an additional shrinking tube.

DWG 05 with rubber fabric hose

To protect against extreme environmental influences, the supply line can also be designed with rubber fabric hose.

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