Screw-in thermometer

Screw-in thermometer with bayonet


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06 M-OK-BV

Product properties

  • Screw-in resistance thermometer with bayonet
  • Operating temperature range -70°C to 260°C
  • Quick, easy installation and deinstallation


Plug-in thermometers with bayonets are ideal for monitoring the temperature on production machinery and machine tools, and in industrial motor protection. The locking deal means that a mechanical connection can be created and released quickly. The bayonet cap can be adjusted using the kink protection spring to adapt the immersion depth or spring pre-tensioning to individual requirements. The defined contact pressure ensures high operating safety where vibrations or mechanical loads occur and guarantees outstanding thermal coupling under expansion caused by temperature. Versions with angled feeds are also available. The minimum cable length of the thermometer is 170 mm.


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VA-sleeve with O-ring

EPHYMESS bayonet sensors with metal sleeves are available with optional O-ring sealing to prevent oil leakage at the measuring point or with angled spring to adapt the sensor better to a drilled hole.

VA-sleeve with 118° drilling angle

The measuring tip is designed in a 118° angle to aid adaptation to standard drilled holes. The springs can be used to adjust the mounting length and contact pressure individually, just like with other bayonet sensors.

Flat VA-sleeve and shielded hose line

This bayonet sensor with flat metal sleeve has a shielded supply line to protect the internal conductor against external magnetic influences, while also preventing the escape of electromagnetic radiation through the signal currents transported in the internal conductor.



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