PTC thermistors

PTC thermistor in ceramic sleeve


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Product properties

  • Insulation resistant to high voltage
  • High temperature resistance
  • Increased mechanical protection
  • Gas-tight ceramic sleeve


Casting the sensor in a ceramic protective sleeve made from aluminium oxide (Al2O3) fixes internal components into position and creates increased mechanical protection. The outstanding electrical insulation also enhances the thermometer’s resistance to high voltages. PTC thermistors in ceramic sleeves are therefore predominantly used for installation in the winding of electrical machinery. Dimensions are available from a diameter of 3 mm and a length of 15 mm.

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PTC thermistor with ceramic sleeve (closed flat)

This assembly variant shows a PTC thermistor in a ceramic sleeve (Al2O3) with 2-core wire line in miniature. The ceramic sleeve of the sensor head is gas-tight, with a fast thermal reaction time and a diameter of Ø 3 mm at a length of 15 mm.

PTC thermistor with ceramic sleeve (closed round)

The sensor is sealed in a closed, round ceramic sleeve and thus particularly resistant to high voltages. The thick-walled sleeve with Ø 6 x 25 mm makes the sensor extremely insensitive to mechanical influences. Further standard dimensions are Ø 4.9 x 15 mm or Ø 4.9 x 30 mm.



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