Semiconductors and thermistors

PTC thermistors

A PTC thermistor is a temperature-dependent semiconductor resistor consisting of polycrystalline ceramic. The PTC thermistor has a positive temperature coefficient (PTC), meaning that the electrical resistance increases as the temperature increases. Conversely, its conductivity is lower at high temperatures than at low temperatures.

At a glance

  • Temperature range -20°C … +180°C
  • Nominal activation temperatures (NAT) from + 60°C … + 190°C
  • Diameter < 3 mm
  • Interrupt the current feed at a precisely defined reference temperature
  • Positive temperature coefficients with volatile characteristic curve characteristic
  • Design with shrinking tube, metal or ceramic sleeve


  • Electric motors, transformers, generators
  • Machine tools
  • Machine bearings
  • Power semiconductor devices
  • Cooling elements
  • Heaters
  • Electronics
  • Power supply units/ballasts
  • Battery management


  • Drive technology
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Energy generation
  • Sanitation, heating and air-conditioning
  • Building services