PTC thermistors

PTC thermistor in metal sleeve


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Product properties

  • Mechanically protected in robust metal sleeve
  • Moisture-tight version possible (IP66)
  • Variable sleeve dimensions
  • Preferred construction for IECEx and ATEX approved PTC thermistors


In PTC thermistors with a metal sleeve, the sensor is installed in a metallic protective sleeve made from brass or stainless steel. The thermal conductivity of the metal sleeve guarantees a good thermal coupling to the measuring point. The sensor is connected firmly to the feed using a press squeeze, roll squeeze or casting. Various hose lines or Teflon single wires with various cable cross sections are available as supply lines.


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PTC thermistor with metal sleeve and press squeeze

When hose lines are used instead of PTFE single wires, the sensor is connected with a hexagonal squeeze. Using a viton shrinking tube directly between the squeeze and the feed makes the sensor relatively tight. Where tightness requirements are higher, we recommend the use of roll squeezes.

PTC thermistor with metal sleeve and roll squeeze

Compared to the press squeeze, the advantage of the roll squeeze is that there is a continuous seal of the internal measuring resistor. Double beading on silicone hose lines has proved effective for increased requirements against potential moisture penetration.

PTC thermistor with metal sleeve and casting

In this construction, the PTC thermistor incl. feed is installed in the sleeve head with a casting compound. Different casting compounds are used depending on the type and application. Duroplasts (epoxy resins), elastomers (silicones) or quartz powder are used as standard. Temperature sensors constructed in this way are then cured and aged in special temperature ovens.

PTC thermistor with metal sleeve and drilled hole

The PTC thermistor with square sleeve made from brass or aluminium has the dimensions 5 mm x 5 mm x 25 mm. The drilled hole has a diameter of 3.2 mm and is suitable for screws of thread size M3.

PTC thermistor with cable shoe

Cable shoe constructions are very easy to install in any location using a screw – with no need for the sometimes complex mounting processes for common constructions with round housing or sleeves. Clamps or plugs specified by the customer can be installed as options. Insulated or uninsulated cable shoes can be used, depending on the temperature resistance required.



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