PTC thermistors

PTC thermistor in slot housing


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Product properties

  • Limit temperature monitoring in slots
  • ZS construction for use in high-voltage machinery


The PTC thermistor is installed in an epoxy intermediate slider housing (ZS) or a silicone soldering connection plate (AK) and is intended for installation directly in the slots of electric motors or generators. The construction can be adapted to almost any slot dimensions. To keep the crucial thermal reaction time low for the PTC thermistor, the thickness of the carrier housing close to the PTC pill is just 0.3 mm.

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PTC thermistor in carrier housing (AK)

The PTC thermistors are installed in a laminate carrier housing that is electrically insulated using silicone casting and a shrinking tube over the top. This guarantees a pressure-relieved construction while still allowing a certain mechanical flexibility in the blade area.

PTC thermistor in intermediate slider (ZS)

The PTC thermistor is installed in a laminate intermediate slider that is covered with epoxy casting and electrically insulated. To increase the voltage resistance, an additional Kapton foil or shrinking tube can be applied over the intermediate slider. This guarantees a pressure-relieved, rigid construction.



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